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C.T. Joyal: True Rainbow -

True Rainbow

C.T. Joyal

5.5 x 8.5
  • FICTION - Christian Fiction

  • DRAMA - General

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    Book Summary

    Does God still perform miracles? Does God still speak to His creation? Who will God use in the last days to proclaim hope to the lost world?

    Vivian, who recently lost her husband to cancer, is desperate for hope. Her two children, Michael and Mindy, mean everything to her. Born with a rare form of colorblindness, Michael must bear a seeming curse, until the grieving young family discovers his divine gift, one far beyond mere human vision . . .

    True Rainbow is a story about how God uses a five-year old boy, Michael, to bring hope not only to his mother, family, friends, but also to the world.

    Author Profile

    C.T. Joyal always had a passion for writing, even when she worked for a prestigious accounting firm. After a severe car accident, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, she left the business world and finally pursued her dream of writing full time. She now lives in The Woodlands, Texas with her husband and their beagle Misty.
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