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Donna Smithey : Nichisan and the Ancient Ones -

Nichisan and the Ancient Ones

Donna Smithey

8.5 x 11
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry Youth

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Family Multigenerational

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Bedtime & Dreams

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    Book Summary

    “A delightful fable that bridges cultures while delivering an uplifting message of value and worth. Would that every child had an Opa-san to guide them in discovering their lives’ special meaning.”

    Lissa Roberson
    Christian Worker in East Asia




    Nichisan and the Ancient Ones is a charming tale of a mongoose family living on an island. It focuses on a young mongoose that has trouble learning his lessons. The story is told by the grandfather (Opa) to his granddaughters (Suni and Kimi). It is jam-packed with family dynamics and adventure, with a dash of tension and danger thrown in, as Opa relays the story of Nichisan. The familial love, humor and a surprise ending are sure to delight readers of all ages.




    I am dedicating this book to my wonderful grandchildren, Ciara, Sarah, Ryvre and Laura. I am also including this dedication to Scarlet, another special child dear to my heart. May you all recognize your gifts and use them wisely.




    Thank you Roger, my husband, for your ongoing inspiration, support, encouragement and editing. Without you and your gentle urging to keep me focused, this book may never have been realized. Thank you to Don Berry, the illustrator, whose spot on grasp of my vision brought Nichisan to life.


    I also acknowledge the Holy Spirit for His continued guidance, grace and inspiration. Many of the words in this book flowed directly from Him to my fingers on the keyboard. I thank Him for allowing me to be His instrument for this small tale.

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