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Sofia Pelayo : The Song of the Beautiful - A Memoir of Anorexia and Restoration

The Song of the Beautiful

A Memoir of Anorexia and Restoration

Sofia Pelayo

5 x 8
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    Many Christians live in guilt and shame for not being able to overcome certain emotional hardships. However, nothing is impossible for the Lord. He promises to walk beside us in the midst of emotional struggles. Sofia Pelayo is a living example of how the Lord has walked with her and has given her the strength and courage to overcome obsessive thoughts. In her early twenties, she was overpowered by anorexia—a horrible eating disorder that is characterized by obsessive and self-destructive thoughts about ones body. Ravaged by this disease and by other self-destructive behaviors, she secluded herself in much shame. The Lord, however, lured her out of the shadows with his love and allowed her to realize that one does not need to reach a level of perfection to be considered victorious in Christ. This memoir is an honest account of struggles, and greatly shows the Grace of God through these honest descriptions.

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