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Sultana Jones : Innocent Blood - A Story Of Redemption

Innocent Blood

A Story Of Redemption

Sultana Jones

6 x 9
  • FICTION - Christian General

  • DRAMA - American General

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    Book Summary

    Can a new life rise out of the mess of an old one?


    Dr. Edward Clint has been making good money and living a nice life, complete with a fancy car, a nice home, and all other usual trappings of success. But lately he’s been feeling that something’s not quite right. He tries to push it aside, but the feeling won’t leave. Unable to resist the unsettling feelings any longer, he has a change of heart and gives up his medical practice as an abortion doctor. But that’s just the beginning of drama, as his two business partners aren’t impressed by his sudden change and will do all they can to see that his fit of conscience doesn’t hurt their business. Now fighting with people who were once his friends, Dr. Clint must find a new life.


    And he does. He meets a waitress whose gentle Christian spirit soothes his soul.

    Author Profile

    Dr. Clint and Katrina begin a friendship that turns into something more, even in the midst of so many trials.  Katrina is supportive when Dr. Clint is suddenly unemployed, but the pressure mounts as his former business partners go after him in a big way. Will the stress of Dr. Clint’s new life push Katrina and him apart or be the thing to unite them forever? Can they build a new life from the ashes of his old existence?

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