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Ruth Diephouse Johnsen: Photos by Don Johnsen: Missions Possible -

Missions Possible

Ruth Diephouse Johnsen: Photos by Don Johnsen

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    This is an inspirational book describing twelve ingenious ways that Christians have used to tell of the Good News of salvation. . Twenty images show some of those missionaries and those they nurtured. The cover, picturing a male lion, close-up, is magnificent.  

    Sunday School and Christian school teachers will find it a very helpful teaching tool, giving their students both information and zeal for mission work.  It is short, 84 pages, so not intimidating to young people. It is also not expensive.

    “In 1972 our son began working for an airline and as one of his perks his parents were given the privilege of flying stand-by, free. We began traveling – eventually visiting 29 countries, “ explains Ruth.

    “As an avid photographer, Don began what resulted in boxes and boxes of colored slides.  I, on the other hand, started taking notes on what we were seeing because I had been a professional journalist (reporter) for the Aurora Beacon-News in Aurora, Illinois and this was my habit.”

    Because they were members of their church’s Mission Committee, the Johnsens had contacts with missionaries from their church who were serving in many places. After Don’s retirement they decided to visit some of them.

    In Ecuador a missionary family built a miniature golf course. Children in the nearby village were given tickets to play if they attended a Bible class.

    In a home for rescued child prostitutes the Johnsens heard stories of girls being sold into the sordid business. In Hong Kong, Viet Nam refugees on a former prison island were interviewed as they waited, sometimes for years, to be accepted by English and French-speaking countries.

    While bringing clothing to a church in Kenya they were given the opportunity to go on a private safari. The final chapter of Missions Possible includes many close-up pictures of animals there, including cheetahs, elephants and lions.

    Author Profile

    Ruth and Don Johnsen both attended Chicago schools before their marriage. When their last child started school Ruth began reporting for the Aurora-Beacon-News in Aurora, Illinois. During the Civil Rights movement she worked as Housing Counselor for the Office of Equal Opportunity in her area.. At the beginning of WW II Don cut short his schooling at the Illinois Institute of Technology and joined the Navy Air Force. Following that war he served as a pilot in the Naval Reserve for 26 years. 

    After their retirement the couple traveled to 29 countries, often visiting missionaries along the way. At the time of his death in 2011 they had been married for 67 years.

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