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Ron Stout : Top Ten Crucial Mistakes of Young Pastors (and some older ones, too!) - "My View from the pew"

Top Ten Crucial Mistakes of Young Pastors (and some older ones, too!)

"My View from the pew"

Ron Stout

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    In his hard-hitting, no-punches-pulled, aggressive style, Ron Stout “calls them as he sees them.” His goal? To help young pastors focus on the most important aspects of their ministry. His method? Delivering a comprehensive, progressive list of pastoral mistakes he has observed over his lifetime.

    The rankings of the mistakes are Ron’s alone. You may not agree with him on the positioning of the mistakes, but you will probably agree they all belong somewhere on the list. Ron’s editor comments that the book is “ . . . not only directed to pastors young and aged but also to the church as the body of Christ.” Use Top Ten Mistakes as a classroom text, a study guide, or a handy reference. Or read it just for enjoyment.

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    RON STOUT was raised in Los Angeles, California and earned his B.A. in pre-medicine at Occidental College. Following two Korean tours as a Navy officer on a destroyer, Ron attended L.I.F.E. Bible College , majoring in biblical Greek and theology and graduating with a BTh. With children arriving, Ron worked in a corporate office in Los Angeles while attending USC in the evenings as a graduate student in the School of Business. Ron and his family then moved to San Diego County, where Ron spent 21 years in the stock market as a broker, a branch manager of a NYSE member firm, and an independent registered Investment Advisor. Many of his experiences in this book occurred while Ron and his wife, Corinne, were living on their beautiful ranch in Julian, California. They then moved to Arizona where Ron studied agriculture at the University of Arizona. The Stout’s plunged into apple orchards and the Cider Mill, a highly visible retail operation on Interstate 10 from 1989 until 2011. Today, Ron and Corinne live on their Arizona ranch with their daughter, Robin, and her family living nearby.
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