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Rev. Elizabeth A. Patrick : Alternate Medicine Scripture Pathways -

Alternate Medicine Scripture Pathways

Rev. Elizabeth A. Patrick

5 x 8
  • RELIGION - Inspirational

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Healing Prayer & Spiritual

  • MEDICAL - Healing

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    Book Summary

    This book is revised from the original titled Alternate Medicine Pathways Through The Scriptures: which was written in 1998. There were requests for more copies of the original book which had been depleted. In this version the author tells how some of the scriptures helped her in times of need. Personal interpretation of some scriptures is also shared. At the end of some of the chapters are prayers to help the sick with the words to seek God in the healing process.


    Studies have shown that prayer, and other forms of faith, do increase healing. Some of the major cancer center now incorporate prayer, and other forms of meditation into their treatment programs.


    The book is broken down into specific categories to help the sick find the particular scriptures they need. It is the author›s hope that the book will bring comfort and hope from beginning to end. 

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