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Armon Turner Echols : Unveiling The Qur'an, by Love: Volume 1

Unveiling The Qur'an, by Love: Volume 1

Armon Turner Echols

6 x 9
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     This is the only English translation of The Qur’an by a Western Christian; the only Qur’an in chronological order; and the only Qur’an with a biblical parallel and commentary that has interpreted The Qur’an with Scripture. The trickery in this mysterious book evaporates by way of biblical, rhetorical and critical analytics never before applied to The Qur’an. The Qur’an is sorcery, a sublime set of commands that control Muslims with manipulative deceptions that shape the deeds of Muslims into the image of Muhammad’s source for The Qur’an - angels of death that are disguised as God. The Qur’an is an oppressive delusion that gradually imprisons the spiritually blind and deaf with a spiritual trajectory toward radical psychopathic depravity. The Qur’an is mapped to ancient examples of Satan as he takes advantage of every vulnerability God created in the sin nature; vulnerability that is increased by hardening hearts that are created by rebellion to His Word. Thirty-eight chapters are unveiled in this introduction, but it is a full, blunt and painfully honest translation of all 114 surahs that gives absolute proof that Muhammad’s claim to being the first Beast in Revelation 13 is true. He and Islam are the first horn of the forth kingdom of Daniel. Also, Hitler’s place in Scripture is unveiled along with the coming Antichrist that will arise from Hitler’s kingdom with his false prophet and false messiah from Islam. Muhammad’s “Gabriel” openly claims he is the angel of death (Satan)! The final overarching theme that has never been revealed, Muslims are Islam’s foremost victims of deception. The world will never solve its problems with ignorance, apostasy and lies, that will only rush the inevitable final judgement of rebellion. It will not be by water like in the days of Noah, but by fire caused by people.

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