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Joanna Mastopietro: "Not My Doctor's Orders.." A Believer's Story of Depression Conquered -

"Not My Doctor's Orders.." A Believer's Story of Depression Conquered

Joanna Mastopietro

5.5 x 8.5
  • RELIGION - Christian Life / Spiritual Warfare

  • SELF-HELP - Mood Disorders

  • SELF-HELP - Depression

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    Book Summary

    Mastopietro illustrates through firsthand knowledge that the quick fix of New Age self-help is no substitute for the once and forever healing of Jesus Christ. Her testimony of depression subdued by an encounter with God is told with personal anecdotes that compel the reader to examine the importance of having a relationship with God. Mastopietro defines and explains the biblical prescription for mental health, stability, consistent peace and abundant life.

    With a passion born of a pit-to-palace experience with God, licensed minister Joanna Mastopietro is a biblical counselor, helping those with depression, anxiety and other mental/emotional affliction. She has served as intercessor at Christian retreat centers and in various leadership positions in Southern California churches. She is a graduate of the School of Ministry of In His Presence Church (Woodland Hills, CA). Since 2009 she has been involved in True Life Kingdom Ministries, where her gifting and calling developed, “to encourage and edify” by “rightly dividing the Word of God.”
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