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Richard G. Lewis: It's Tuesday. Now what do I do? - Your first year on the mission field doesn't have to be a mystery.

It's Tuesday. Now what do I do?

Your first year on the mission field doesn't have to be a mystery.

Richard G. Lewis

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    It doesn’t have to be a mystery.

    “I need some help,” a missionary wrote. “I bought into the vision of saturation church planting, the Great Commission and taking the Gospel to unreached people groups. I joined a mission sending agency, raised support, and now that I’ve been in this country three months, I’m stuck. I don’t know how to get started. It’s Tuesday; what am I supposed to do today?

    A missionary’s first year on the field does not have to be a mystery. Each page of this book contains enlivening pearls of wisdom and practical messages. The author’s passion and knowledge of mission work and missionaries are revealed and sustained throughout the reading. What makes this book unique is the author’s inclusion of insightful examples readers can apply when adapting to a foreign country, such as: making friends, remaining aware of surroundings and networking. Included in this book is a chapter of things not to do in ministry. Anyone interested in serving in missions will find this book a valuable guide in knowing where to start when working overseas. God bless you as you begin your journey in missions, one Tuesday at a time.

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    For thirty years Richard Lewis has been a practitioner, teacher, consultant, and special guest speaker as a cross-cultural missionary. Lewis Cross Cultural Training, Inc., specializes in missionary anthropology, church planting, cross-cultural communication and analyzing how cultures work. For more information visit:

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