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Alexander Wilbur Fredrickson : Islamerica - Isa, Y'shua, Jesus


Isa, Y'shua, Jesus

Alexander Wilbur Fredrickson

6.14 x 9.21
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    Book Summary

    Liberal politicians deny it. The general populace is blind to it. But radical Islam is on the rise—in America! Allah demands a worldwide Caliphate, and he makes no exception for the United States! 

    Set against the backdrop of the end times, Islamerica: Isa, Y’shua, Jesus, divulges a heart-wrenching tale about the rise of Islam in America. In the not too distant future, the United States stands transfixed by the seemingly sudden onslaught of Islam. As America celebrates its role in the historic peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, the Caliphate plots the war to end all wars. Even worse, a phantom, power-craving, techno-savvy spoiler takes full advantage of the moment, as he explodes onto the scene with seemingly unstoppable plans of his own.

    In his lust for control, this mystery Muslim sets his sights on the U.S., Israel, as well as the unsuspecting Caliphate. The most unlikely American President finds himself and his nation virtually defenseless against fearsome forces set on revolutionizing the United States into Islamerica! Nonetheless, the most powerful weapons may not be in the hands of the monstrous Brotherhood Army but in the tangibly intimate souls of those who call on our Lord: Isa, Y’shua, Jesus! 

    This pulsating spiritual-political thriller promises and delivers a harrowing roller coaster ride through the depths of rabid hatred, paralyzing panic, and excruciating terror, as well as heights of indestructible faith, irresistible hope, and inexhaustible love!

    Will the United States remain standing and able to fight alongside Israel as the end times lead to the Last Day anticipated by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike? This question lies at the heart of Islamerica: Isa, Y’shua, Jesus.

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