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Toni T. Ellis : God's Dowry For His Daughters: His Good Treasure! -

God's Dowry For His Daughters: His Good Treasure!

Toni T. Ellis

6 x 9
  • RELIGION - Inspirational

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration & Personal Growth

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Healing Prayer & Spiritual

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    “God has provided for women because women were created to provide for the earth.  When Eve arrived all of provision was in place.  God’s dowry for His daughters is not about the INSURANCE of PROSPERITY but it is about the ASSURANCE of PROVISION in all areas of life, mentally, physically, and spiritually!  It appreciates, but does not focus on an increase of material wealth and the enlarging of territory. This message promotes the execution and pursuit of an increase of the knowledge of God’s supply and an enlarging of the understanding and clarity regarding how God’s dowry holds HOLISTIC RESTORATIVE POWER.  !”

     ~ Toni T. Ellis, Educator and Writer~

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