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Deaconess Noyo Anthonia Kubeyinje-Edem : The Book of Revelation - Satan’s Grand Scheme to Deceive the World.

The Book of Revelation

Satan’s Grand Scheme to Deceive the World.

Deaconess Noyo Anthonia Kubeyinje-Edem

6 x 9
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    Book Summary

    This book draws attention to the promise that God will bless everyone who reads the book of Revelation and encourages others to read the book of Revelation. The book reaffirms the fact that God will judge both the living and the dead.  The righteous will inherit eternal life in God’s kingdom while the wicked will be condemned to languish eternally in hell with Satan.

    General Overview from the Editor:

         The author summarizes the book of Revelations for the readers in an easy to understand tone. The summaries are helpful in establishing a working understanding of this book of the bible, and the author reveals an impressive knowledge on fundamental concepts in this book. 

    Book’s Strengths:

    The author includes a strong and engaging introduction. Not only does the author clearly state the objectives of the book, but also includes practical reasons why everyone should read the book of Revelation. 

    This book is very helpful in understanding the symbolism embedded in the book of Revelation. The author provides in-depth coverage and breaks down important ideas for the reader in a straightforward language.

    The prayers in the book are valuable tools readers will use very frequently. They will inspire readers to develop a stronger connection to God, strengthening their faith and worship habits. The author also selects interesting themes for prayer, which gives them variety and excitement.

    Delightfully inspirational without distorting the truth. Dr. Anthony Afolo.

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    About the Author:

    Deaconess Noyo Anthonia Kubeyinje-Edem is the founder of Hope for the Family, Inc.  Hope for the family is an outreach Ministry.

    The first book of this author, You Are Already Clean: How to Triumph Over Sins and Remain Clean in this World, was published by Xulon Press in June, 2012. 

    The author lives in Linden, NJ with her family.

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