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Samuel R. Yuen : The Galactic Defenders - The Financial Campaign

The Galactic Defenders

The Financial Campaign

Samuel R. Yuen

6 x 9
  • FICTION - Christian General

  • FICTION - Action & Adventure

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    Book Summary

    The Galactic Defenders is a fictional story about a family of five kids who discover they have superhero power. As their school prepares for a nationwide broadcast of their first financial campaign, they learn that the speaker’s dad has been kidnapped. Trying to ensure that their generation gets the opportunity to learn how to use their money wisely, avoid credit card debt and learn the art of being content, the Defenders race to take on a rescue mission. Come join them as they discover how honesty, integrity, courage and respect will take us all on a journey of a lifetime, one step and one dollar at a time.

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    Samuel R. Yuen is a fourteen year old home-schooled student, who is the author of Kids Financial Study, a book that he published at age 10. Samuel is an exceptionally gifted and focused young man. He is well aware that the abilities and talents that he has are gifts from God. Samuel loves to write books and produce personalized digital movies. He also loves to play tennis and he dreams of becoming a professional tennis player one day. When he’s not studying, working on projects, or playing sports, Samuel enjoys playing video games with friends.
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