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Written and Illustrated by Rich Ablondi : The Ball, The Bat, And The Unforgiving BRAT

The Ball, The Bat, And The Unforgiving BRAT

Written and Illustrated by Rich Ablondi

8.5 x 8.5
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  • JUVENILE FICTION - Religious Other

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    Book Summary

    Meet Chuck, an avid baseball fan. There is only one thing that will keep Chuck out of the major leagues - his lack of talent. Following a series of events, Chuck is taught a valuable lesson about forgiveness after receiving a new baseball, bat, and glove for his birthday. Upon entrance to the park, to try out his new bat, Chuck is forced to make a choice between friendship and forgiveness. What Chuck does not realize is that with the next swing of the bat, Chuck will hit a homerun - right into the Bible Zone.

    Author Profile

    Author, illustrator and experienced children’s pastor, Rich Ablondi created the Adventures In The Bible Zone series to educate children the parables and teachings of Jesus. The Ball, The Bat, And Unforgiving Brat is the second book in the series. This book shares the parable of the unforgiving servant from a perspective that every child may one day experience. Moreover, readers will learn the importance of forgiveness and the high cost God paid to redeem mankind to live with him forever.
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