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Lyn Detjens : Out of Darkness A Love Story

Out of Darkness A Love Story

Lyn Detjens

5.5 x 8.5
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    Book Summary

    “Out of Darkness, A Love Story” is a riveting true story of strength, courage, vulnerability and extravagant love. Raised as a generational satanist, chosen as the next leader of the “family,” Lyn speaks of the pain and trauma of training, and the darkness of living in a world controlled by demons. Held hostage in the depths of hopelessness and despair, even at the pinnacle of power, she was desperate to leave satan’s web of destruction. Lyn tells of her longing for unconditional love and acceptance, her struggle for freedom, and her incredible encounters with a loving God. Lyn shares with gifted encouragement how no matter where we are, no matter what we’ve done or are doing, there is One, Jesus Christ, who can make a difference in our life and He waits patiently, gently, to take us under His arm and lead us on His path of victory.

    Author Profile

    Lyn Detjens, founder and president of Ministries On Call, has served the Body of Christ for 20 years in the office of the prophet. She has trained under well-known prophets of our day such as Dutch Sheets, Patricia King, and John Paul Jackson and possesses a keen understanding of the supernatural realm. Lyn’s clear, engaging, teaching style and strong Scriptural foundations are invaluable in her work of raising up and maturing the next generation of prophets. An ordained pastor and published author, Lyn is also well-versed in intercession, dream interpretation, spiritual warfare, and emotional healing. She offers seminars on all these topics. For her complete biography, or if you want more information about Ministries On Call, please see:

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