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Mary McLellan With Shirley Fulbright-Martin : THE CRASH, THE RING & THE ORANGE THREAD


Mary McLellan With Shirley Fulbright-Martin

6 x 9
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    Book Summary

    A plane crash in the dark choppy waters off the windward coast of Liberia propelled 
    this gutsy woman from the jungles of Africa into risks that only God could use to prove 
    His faithfulness. The Crash, the Ring, & the Orange Thread is a compelling and moving 
    chronicle of the love and loss of a man she felt would be there forever, sharing dreams 
    of doing some good in the world. Conti nent to continent, as the tapestry of her life was 
    being woven, her journey reveals how tragedies can be overcome and how her own 
    transformation evolved through it all.
    Foreword by Tim LaHaye 
    “Mary’s deep faith and dedication to our Lord have inspired me through the years. Her life’s journey has been a ministry in itself and I encourage readers to embrace her words of spirit and of hope.”
    ~ Ruth A. Glass
    Wife of David Glass, Retired President and CEO of Wal-Mart, Inc.
    Owner and CEO of the Kansas City Royals

    “I’ve known Vern since our high school days and I’m aware of his and Mary’s travels around the world sharing the Gospel. Mary’s journey will inspire you as you walk with her through sorrows and triumphs, assuring us once again that God really does have a plan for our lives.”
    ~ Jim Pattison
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    The Jim Pattison Group

    “Reading Mary’s story reminds me again of God’s faithfulness to this dear lady. She has been a great friend and I have been blessed to know her story!”
    ~ Dr. Beverly LaHaye
    Founder, Chairman, Concerned Women for America

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    “Mary has been privileged to serve on every continent of the world. She believes “to whom much is given, much is required,” thus she continues to fulfill the call on her life because of her deeply-rooted love for missions.

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