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Dr Raymond West : "Confessions of a Christian Physician."

"Confessions of a Christian Physician."

Dr Raymond West

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    Here’s a Doctor who can write. Ray West, a self-confessed “understudy of the Great healer, Jesus Christ” chronicles in CONFESSIONS Incidents from three or more decades of medical practice. In a chatty style reminiscent of James Herriot’s vignettes based on his veterinary practice, West introduces graphic events revealing the underside as well as the drama of interacting with patients, their family members and colleagues.

    Edna Maye Loveless, Esteemed Author and Educator

    Dr. Raymond West, a master storyteller and model of the ideal Family Physician (as well as teacher and researcher of Epidemiology) describes highlights of his career applying the basic principles of both science and art of medical practice.

    Examples of encounters from his years of successful caring for the emotional and spiritual as well as physical needs of patients, demonstrate for the reader, memorable examples of principles applicable to real life. Whether you are a medical care provider or a patient, you will love the stories and benefit from the inspiration of a Christ centered approach to the practice of medicine.

    Edwin H. Krick, MD, MPH., Associate professor of Medicine, Loma Linda University

    Doctor Raymond West’s ‘Confessions’ is interesting in showing a Christian Doctor’s life and temptations. He was one of returning sailors from WW2 who was given the opportunity, by a grateful government, to a medical profession previously limited mainly to the wealthy. This “GI surge” was responsibly, in great part, to a rapid technological progress in medicine. Dr. West’s book reveals how this new technology has become a substitute for detailed questioning and manual examination of patients! He shows how a careful examination plus a knowledge of historical medicine is useful in diagnosis. His lifelong keeping of a detailed diary of interesting cases makes Dr. West and this book remarkable. I recommend it highly.

    Bernarr Johnson, MD, FACS

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