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K.C. Lindberg : Rise of the Red Crescent

Rise of the Red Crescent

K.C. Lindberg

6.69 x 9.61
  • FICTION - Christian General

  • FICTION - Thrillers General

  • FICTION - Thrillers Suspense

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    Book Summary

    Terrorists have infiltrated America, using operatives inside the country to bring the fight directly to U.S. soil once again.

    John Banks, a retired military intelligence officer, stumbles upon ominous signs of the terrorist activity that only someone with his background would recognize. A letter he writes unknowingly connects the dots for an ongoing government investigation. 

    As the events of October 10th begin to unfold, Americans experience the horrific aftermath of chaos, fear, and confusion. Crossing all four time zones, simultaneous attacks occur in multiple cities within the United States. While reeling from the damage and trying to make sense of the events, the President is determined to take action against those responsible.

    It is up to a handful of American security personnel to uncover the plot, untangle the web of clues, and attempt to stop the events before America plunges deeper into war.

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