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Stephen Burke : They Blessed The World - How To Do It Again

They Blessed The World

How To Do It Again

Stephen Burke

6 x 9
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    In 2006 Stephen began his study of the character and will of God. Through his studies Stephen discovered that there are things about God that mainstream Christianity had either forgotten, or had not known. These truths are right before the eyes of everyone in the Bible yet, had been overlooked. But, to President Reagan they were commonplace.

    Ronald Reagan operated under this empowerment. Through Reagan, God had blessed America! 

    The world looks for another Ronald Reagan yet God has made a way for many to walk in the power and ability demonstrated by his life. Politicians today would be well suited to glean from this one life, empowered by God. America would prosper.

    Stephen, and his wife Rhonda reside in Texas, where he teaches on several radio stations. The name of his weekly broadcast is Faith and Victory.

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