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Oleeta J. Radley : My Relationship - God & Our Quest for Love

My Relationship

God & Our Quest for Love

Oleeta J. Radley

5.5 x 8.5
  • RELIGION - Christian Life Relationships

  • RELIGION - Christian Life Spiritual Growth

  • RELIGION - Christian Life Personal Growth

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    Book Summary

    My Relationship identifies who God is and the type of relationship that He desires to have with everyone. It demonstrates the place God desires to have in each of our lives. When God is at the center of your heart and life everything else falls right into place. Many people do not know or understand what God’s proper position should be in our lives. A lot of the time we place our significant other, other people, or things infront of God. Even ministries and office holdings above God and our relationship with Him. God is a jealous God and demands to be at the center of everything in our lives, after all we are His creation. When we obey and cultivate our relationship with Him; everything will work out in our lives. When we do not; we will never be fully whole or complete, and always lacking something. The cost of gaining everything and yet losing everything at the same time; occurs when God is not in His proper place. Oleeta Radley effectively demonstrates this in several aspects of life. God’s place in a single life. God’s place in a relationship. God’s place in a marriage. She also demonstrates the importance of having a relationship with God and if we do not have a relationship with Him, how one can be obtained and maintained.

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