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Katie May Tramonte : Gospel-Centered Womanhood

Gospel-Centered Womanhood

Katie May Tramonte

8.25 x 11
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    This book is as much about the gospel as it is about womanhood. It explains how the story and present reality of Jesus can transform a woman into someone she never imagined she could be. Every chapter is saturated with the truths of God’s original design for womanhood (Creation), the sinful corruption of that design that every woman now experiences (Fall), Jesus’ rescue of us through His shed blood (Redemption), and our hope for restoration and new life through the Holy Spirit (Restoration). Those elements of the Gospel Story are then applied in an extremely practical way to every role of womanhood found in Scripture, with each chapter focusing on one specific role. The format is consistent with a genuine Bible Study with each chapter engaging the reader in the Scriptures and prompting her to answer questions about what she reads as well as what is going on in her soul as she reads. There are also reflective exercises and prayer exercises that further engage the reader with God in order to facilitate transformation. This book would be perfect for an individual wanting to go deeper in her relationship with God and her understanding of womanhood or for a small group of women to study together and discuss.

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    Katie May Tramonte is a follower of Jesus. That core identity is what determines how she lives her life. Currently, she spends most of her time loving and caring for her husband and their two little boys. During previous stages of life, she has been a children’s ministry director, a first grade teacher, and a small groups’ coach. While she definitely doesn’t “have it all together,” she is learning to continually apply the Gospel to her life, allowing God to transform her into the woman He designed her to be.
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