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Hortense M. Jenkins : It Happened Under The Old Naseberry Tree - The Saga Continues

It Happened Under The Old Naseberry Tree

The Saga Continues

Hortense M. Jenkins

5 x 8

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    The Saga of the generations continued; the sixth and seventh has joined with the fifth which amounts to a whole lot of changes. The family had scattered, in many directions through death, migration, immobility, age related factors and other reasons, but praise God; He is still alive; the same yesterday, today, and forever. The links that have been broken will only be for a short while as soon, many of us will be joining those who already left. The Old Naseberry Tree will probable outlived us all; and the next generation will be influenced by something else. But we had a wonderful life as children. We will continue to preserve the history of ‘Life Under The old Naseberry Tree’ until God remove the tie that binds. We have no complaints or regrets, and are blessed with a treasure trove of memories to fill a world of ‘whoever wants to know’ basket, because God kept us; Yes! He kept us from all the dangers that lurked around us when we were small and throughout our adult years. We give Him all the glory, we thank and praise Him for covering us under His blood for ever and ever, Amen

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    Mrs. Hortense M. Jenkins and her husband Mark lives in Queens, New York.

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