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Stephen L. Bowen : Dealing With Anger From A Natural And Spiritual Perspective

Dealing With Anger From A Natural And Spiritual Perspective

Stephen L. Bowen

5.5 x 8.5
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  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Anger (see also SELF-HELP Self-Management Anger Management)

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    Book Summary

    Is Anger Controlling You? Or, Are You Controlling It?



    Who’s in the driver’s seat?

    If you are allowing anger to be behind the wheel, you are headed for a crash! Every experienced driver and passenger of a vehicle knows that the person driving has full control of the vehicle.


    If you are a reckless driver, the probability of an accident is great! If you are perfectly poised, agile, and alert while driving, not only will your probability of maintaining control be better, but also you will be in a better position to avoid the dangers of nearby reckless drivers.


    Anger the reckless driver...

    Anger can be as dangerous as a reckless driver behind the wheel if you allow it to control you. Just like bad driving can lead to awful tragedies that might harm the driver, the passenger, or an innocent bystander, uncontrolled anger can lead to a major collision in your life as well as in others. Being in full control helps you to be alert to your own combustible emotions as well as those of others. In doing so, we avoid crashes, clashes, and serious collisions brought on by anger.


    Anger the passenger...

    That is why anger should never be in the driver’s seat. It should only be a passenger. A passenger is driven to a certain destination and then dropped off by the driver, who is in full control of the vehicle. Even when anger is necessary, it should ride only as a passenger going to an appropriate destination and then...let out!


    Always put yourself in the driver’s seat with full control, while being poised and sober. Carry anger only for a limited amount of time. Then, let it go!


    This book will give you insight and a unique strategy of recognizing legitimate, illegitimate, and optional anger, as well as understanding their emotion’s vulnerabilities so that you can remain in the driver's seat with full control.

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