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Heather Erfley: God-Winks


Heather Erfley

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    “You all need this…” These were the first words the pastor at my school said to the entire secondary student body, as he challenged us to read the book of Proverbs over the summer. These were the words that truly began the journey that ultimately has led to the book you hold now.

    I believe this same phrase can be said of you today. If you are looking for truth; if you are looking for life; if you are looking for hope; then ultimately, you are searching for the Savior of the world. I hope and so truly pray that you find Him in these pages. So, what are you waiting for? Journey with me as we explore the pages of Proverbs and apply its timely and precious truths to our lives. We all need this; why not start today? ;)

    Author Profile

    Currently a senior in high school, Heather Erfley simply wants to reach this lonely and lost world for Jesus Christ. As she nears her graduation, she is preparing to attend Messiah College where she will pursue a degree in early childhood education and special education. Heather is grateful for both her academic and spiritual growth, developed in her many (definitely many!) years in Christian education. Her true heart’s cry, though, lies not in her career, but in her desperate prayer for every heart to turn to the Lord once again. Heather currently lives in Greensburg, PA, with her parents.

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