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Samuel C. Lunt : GATHERED FROM THE 4 WINDS - An apocalyptic story about stuff in each of us, for humankind


An apocalyptic story about stuff in each of us, for humankind

Samuel C. Lunt

6 x 9
  • FICTION - Christian Futuristic

  • FICTION - Christian Fantasy

  • FICTION - Christian General

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    Book Summary

    Every single person on the earth has, “STUFF” inside of them, that makes up the essence of who they are. By “STUFF”, I mean special gifts, talents and abilities which make them unique from everyone else. These gifts are to be used daily for all humanity.

    This fictional book, follows the lives of several people from within the USA and a few other countries, as they discover and develop the stuff within them. Each has a destiny to fulfill in answer to fates mandate.

    Watch the engagement unfold between good and evil, as a line is drawn in the sand for the great and final battle. Angels and demons interact with humanity, as mankind uses gifts, talents and abilities to set the course of the end times.

     Journey along with me, as we discover the call of God on each person. See their gifts develop as time passes. Then at a critical moment, God calls them to leave their homes and gather in a place they do not know.

    Whether an Apostle or a Prophet, an Evangelist or a Pastor.

    Whether teaching original Greek &Hebrew with clarity.

    Whether interpreting dreams, or performing miracles.

    Whether writing a book of the end times, forging a legacy of God.

    Whether weaving a song that changes the atmosphere, or creating a picture.

    Whether dancing a challenge to unknown things, or making a declaration that changes the World.

    Whether seeing strategies of good and evil, or bringing definition to generational bloodline curses,

    “ Know that, God Gathers From The 4 Winds, such people as this for Destiny.”

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