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Ray Ciervo : Apologetics for the Rest of Us - A Beginner's Guide

Apologetics for the Rest of Us

A Beginner's Guide

Ray Ciervo

6 x 9
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    Book Summary

    Ray makes the case why Christians need to defend their faith by grounding it in Scripture. He brings the subject of apologetics to the "rank and file" of the church with clear examples of why the subject is necessary and doable. The book is a clearly readable and compelling introduction to a subject too often shunned because of its complex language. We need more books like this to get the ordinary believers interested in a lifelong study of apologetics so they can win their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to Christ.
    - Rick Schenker, President—Ratio Christi

    There are many apologetics books on the market, but few like this volume that fits into a special niche. This book gives a perspective that orients the reader to the whole arena of apologetics in a fascinating way. It is interesting, readable, and a very helpful guide to a field every Christian has a divine duty to learn.
    - Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD (Loyola University)

    Apologetics For The Rest of Us is not only good arguments for faith, but Biblical
    arguments.  It addresses the Apostle Peter’s admonition to be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us.  It tells us how to demolish the strongholds that imprison so many minds in our time.  
        •    From the Foreword by Charles Simpson

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    Ray Ciervo is the founder of Ray Ciervo Ministries, an apologetic ministry geared to equip the Church for its work of service. Although apologetics is normally viewed (and presented) as a “heady” subject, Ray makes it practical and usable for the Church’s work in evangelism and spiritual growth.

    Ray is married to Joanne (41 years). They have three children, seven grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

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