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Dr. Michael W. Wesley, Sr. : Everybody Deserves A Good Funeral

Everybody Deserves A Good Funeral

Dr. Michael W. Wesley, Sr.

6 x 9
  • RELIGION - Christian Life Death, Grief, Bereavement

  • RELIGION - Christian Rituals & Practice General

  • RELIGION - Education

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    My personal quest to reconcile what I have experienced, and what I have observed about the universal experience of dying, death, funerals and recovery sent me on a path of discovery to understand why people behave the way that they do when it comes to funerals. I sought to understand exactly what constitutes a good funeral and if anything can be done to allow more dignity to the process. I have found that there are several major factors required for people to walk away with the desired understanding and yes, dignity certainly is possible. I trust that the pages of this narrative prove to be both enlightening and helpful to all who follow the path of discovery in this book.

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