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Idea Mediator Alexis L. Castro : Reminiscence of the Light - The Story of Dark Shadow

Reminiscence of the Light

The Story of Dark Shadow

Idea Mediator Alexis L. Castro

6 x 9

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    What would happen if at one point, history would prove to us that the Universe was created by other gods and not by the God which the Bible teaches us about? How would our faith measure-up if we were to discover that we are in-fact not alone in the Universe? What answers could the Bible give if evidence were to prove that the Universe is more than 6,000 years old?

    This science fiction-based novel focuses on the journey that takes a young boy from the orphanage to becoming the next protégé of the world’s famous superhero, Dark Shadow, just in time to save the world and fulfill not one, but two prophecies. In the midst of the action and suspense is a storyline centered on the young man’s relationship with God and how the catastrophic events in the world’s history at that present time changed his understanding of God forever.

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    Born in Puerto Rico in 1981, Alexis Castro has earned a Bachelors degree in Music Education, and a Masters degree in Theology, and is a Music Teacher by profession. He has been a Christian his entire life, and has always enjoyed stories. Ever since his childhood years, he had came up with a story of his own to tell. Having discovered his passion for writing in his early twenties, he realized that he could finally tell this story for the very first time. Alexis actually lives in Puerto Rico with his wife and only daughter. You can contact him via e-mail at:
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