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Philip Chavanne : The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham - A Novel by

The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham

A Novel by

Philip Chavanne

6 x 9
  • FICTION - Sagas

  • FICTION - Coming of Age

  • FICTION - Action & Adventure

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    Book Summary

    “A singular novel of hardship, hope, forgiveness, legacy and redemption,
    Snow and Oakham is a powerful, very important debut novel that is epic
    in its scope. Beautiful, intricate, frequently stunning, this story reaches,
    almost literally, into every corner of the globe, and even further into the
    human heart. Extraordinary.”
    Edward Cruz
    A rite of passage, an adventure saga, and a redemption tale wrapped
    into one. “Snow and Oakham” is a story told across five continents:
    paying visit to a world of orphans and villains, heroes and slaves,
    cannibals and saints - all seen through the eyes of two brothers thrust
    into an adventure for the ages.
    When they are told that their birthright is buried in the Wild West
    End orphans Henry Snow and Jack Oakham set out to discover
    where they came from. And thus begins a journey to answer questions
    at the heart of every man. A saga about fathers and sons and the
    cost of forgiveness, “The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham is, ‘… An
    important, sprawling work with a lion’s share of tenderness. It is proof
    that rip-roaring adventure is alive and well.’”
    Socratic Ventures

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    The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham
    is the first novel by Philip Chavanne,
    who traveled for seven years to collect
    the stories in this book. Alongside his
    wife and his two daughters he manages
    a ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

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