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Pastor Owen E. Williams : The Corporate Christian 2 - Battle for your Beliefs

The Corporate Christian 2

Battle for your Beliefs

Pastor Owen E. Williams

5.5 x 8.5
  • RELIGION - Christian Life Professional Growth

  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Business Ethics

  • RELIGION - Leadership

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    Book Summary

    How is the message of salvation relevant to corporate careers?
    In every way possible.

    The corporate workplace can be very hostile to Christian principles, given that the methods and measures of success in the two worlds are often at odds with each other. Pastor Owen E. Williams writes a high impact handbook on how the contemporary Christian can glean spiritual truths from the Bible and wield them as weapons of defense.

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    Williams helps prepare you for the confrontations, crises and conundrums that you are most likely to face. He outlines the most common problematic events, how you can respond to them and how you can turn them into strengths. You cannot control negative events, but you can make them have a positive impact on both your professional trajectory and your personal morality.

    Williams leads you step by step into understanding the true meaning of governance, authority, leadership and management as communicated by the writers of the Bible. “As we look at Isaiah’s scriptures, it describes a personal relationship between the governing and the governed...”

    He shows how Christ and others in the Bible are our example of dealing with troubles that arise as we are striving to do good work: “The scripture says there was a viper under one of the logs—when Paul reached for the log it fastened itself to his hand. He calmly shook it off into the fire and went about his business. When a snake unexpectedly attacks you, don’t let it hang on to you and continue to chew on your mind, emotions, thoughts and your family. Shake it off.”

    Lastly, Pastor Williams will show you the ways love, kindness, forgiveness and joy can turn things around and make them stepping stones to higher levels of fulfillment in your life. Read The Corporate Christian II today for a more meaningful and promising tomorrow.

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