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Jay Crouse: Men and the Church: Is there a Future?

Men and the Church: Is there a Future?

Jay Crouse

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Men and the Church: Is there a Future?


Yes, there is a future for the men in your church!

“Men and the Church: Is There a Future?” examines a topic of crucial importance to the state of today’s church- the decreasing interest, impact and involvement of men. Addressing Christian leaders and those emerging to leadership, clergy and laymen alike, Crouse seeks to inform and equip today’s Christian men with the tools to fix the gender gap in the 21st century church and welcome men back to the church they have been so pivotal in building up over the past 2000 years ago.

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Jay Crouse has been actively involved in ministry to men for over twenty-five years and participating full-time since leaving the private sector in 1999. His ministry to men journey began in the Episcopal Diocese of SW Florida and has expanded nationally and to the church at large. Jay and his wife of thirty-three years, Laura, live in Sarasota, Florida and attend Church of the Redeemer. They have four sons.

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