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THE PULSE OF A NATION by Jerry L. Williamson


Sound The Alarm

by Jerry L. Williamson

Pages: 234

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The Pulse of a
Is the American
Church in trouble?
Christian leaders in other countries are deeply concerned for the American
Church. They cannot understand why we do not see what is happening in our
church culture more clearly and do something about it. Has the American Church abandoned
many of the fundamental principles that were imparted to them? This growing
global concern for the American Church did not start recently. Over three
decades ago, the late David Watson, a Christian leader from Great Britain,
predicted that by the close of the twentieth century Christianity in the West
would probably be too self-indulgent to be a global factor.
Sound the Alarm…
Is cultural relativity really our problem?
is time for the true body of Christ to rise up and no longer give in to being a
product or participant of our current moral declining society. It is time for a
CULTURAL WAR!  It is time for the Church to be unwavering in
its commitment to the true faith. Anything less will leave the American Church
in a state of dying a slow, costly death.  
Confronting a
Post-Christian Culture
What will it
Jerry Williamson has put his finger on the “pulse” of the Western Church. His
diagnosis is accurate, well articulated, and documented. The cure is equally
clear and achievable if the Church has the discipline and will to apply his
prescription. DON’T READ THIS BOOK … unless you
want to be convicted, challenged, and changed! Dr. Williamson is a modern day
prophet crying in a secular and religious wilderness. Our response to his
message will determine the future of our nation.
—Dr. Charles
Travis, general secretary, Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and
president, Aidan University

DR. JERRY WILLIAMSON is president of GO TO NATIONS, a worldwide missions sending agency, and is well-known for his passionate love for God’s Church and for the global harvest. He ministers to pastors and church leaders around the world adding value and effectiveness to their ministries. DR. WILLIAMSON is greatly appreciated for his down-to-earth teaching style and his ability to articulate truth in a clear and concise way.   

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