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The Impedance and Cancellation of Evil by Errol V. Carey

The Impedance and Cancellation of Evil

Enter the Principle of Supersession

by Errol V. Carey

Pages: 130

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - Ethics
  • PHILOSOPHY - Good & Evil

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628710090

Price : $13.49


Have you ever heard the question; “is it always wrong to lie?”  Are the actions we take to sidetrack ungodly/ruthless people to be accounted by God as sin?  Should the righteous lie to evil men who intend to accomplish evil purposes?  It is my intention to address a mixed multitude (religious and the secular groups).  In the process of reading this small offering, I would like to hope that men and women will be urged to be brave again, take the stance against evil and promote good.  Although, the subjects of war and self-defense are not the primary content of this writing, hopefully, the reader may obtain a sense of correctness and approval of such activity for a just cause.  For those who are currently serving in the Armed Forces or have been in the past theaters of war, law enforcement personnel, and those regular folks who have had to take some drastic measure to protect themselves and/or the innocent; my wish is that this writing will liberate you from and/or prevent the encroachment of unjustified guilt.
May the conviction of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer prevail on the side of those precedents established in the Scriptures, rather, than antecedents presumed upon by a misconception of the Law of God, and/or conformity to one’s own traditional ideas of right and wrong.  That is to include, those ideas based in relativism, political correctness, and some theories of situational and secular ethics that may upstage the mandate of God with societal opinions.  I also pray that people in general will cease to forsake their conscience and seek to do what is right for the sake of the common good.  Know this; indecisiveness is the byproduct of fear to take action, but when we know what to do, we rarely hesitate to act.  In the fast times which we live, immediate action is crucial.  Our right actions teach others to act right and these right actions are validated by the truth that is established in the Scriptures as to be approved by God. 
Any objection to one evil idea can impede it.                                                                                                               A consistent resistance to an evil action can cause it to be cancelled out.
“At a time when there seems to be a paucity of biblical truth, Errol Carey has written a great book that brings God’s word to life. This book makes one contemplate issues and questions that have plagued contemporary theologians as well as the average Christian and it provides answers as well as thought provoking considerations for the reader to ponder. It is a book that was inspired for such a time as this.”
LTG (R) William G Boykin
Founding Member
US Army Delta Force

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