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Erin M. Cullipher : The Phoenix Rider

The Phoenix Rider

Erin M. Cullipher

6 x 9
  • FICTION - Action & Adventure

  • FICTION - Christian Fantasy

  • FICTION - Fantasy Contemporary

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    Book Summary

    Ever since he was a baby, David has had a unique ability—to create and manipulate fire. For sixteen years, he and his guardian, Jess, have traveled across England while he struggles to keep his powers a secret. When they arrive in the coastal town of Newquay, David finds a community where he thinks he might finally fit in. But after a series of mishaps and near-disasters, a man from Jess’ past arrives and invites David to come find out the truth about his past. David finds himself entering the world where he was born: Aeriodum, where mythical beasts of lore—dragons, Pegasus, and phoenixes—coexist with the humans who ride them. As David discovers a place where he is able to live alongside others without having to hide his power, he finds he must follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a phoenix rider. But those who are responsible for his exile are aware of his return, and will stop at nothing to keep him from discovering the truth about his parents’ disappearance. 

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