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"Reaching for the Campanile" by Elle Carter

"Reaching for the Campanile"

by Elle Carter

Pages: 226

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Romance Contemporary
  • POETRY - Subjects & Themes Love & Erotica
  • FICTION - Action & Adventure

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628710533

Price : $20.99


Reaching for the Campanile features a relatable and emotionally transparent protagonist, Lana, as she discovers the complexities of modern relationships, witnesses harsh realities of various characters, and travels around the world. Author Elle Carter pens an engaging and entertaining read by inserting suspenseful plot twists, descriptions of exotic landscapes, and intelligent narration. Carter aptly exposes readers to the dimensions of deep conflicts within unforgettable characters, and inserts suspense and mystery through enchanting detail.
And how interesting when Lana later learned how Cindy had been escorted out of town later that same morning–nowhere to be seen, found or heard from ever again. John Murphy was not a good man but prideful and evil to the core. The truth later surfaced how John had gone after Cindy’s sixteen-year-old daughter in an effort to savagely take her for his own in Cindy’s very presence. And so it was this that was the trigger that caused Cindy to “snap” and reach for a gun at the top of their kitchen microwave. She chased him down the street, pink bathrobe flying open in the air, trying to desperately protect her daughter, as shots crackled in the air.
Carter’s writing style is smooth and delicate. Carter holds your attention with this dynamic and unpredictable story. Reaching for the Campanile will challenge you to review concepts of modern day relationships, inspire you to reflect on your connection with Christ and motivate you live life as it were an adventure. Through exceptional, original imagery, attention to detail, and a stream of practical events, Carter expresses that there is a little of Lana within all of us.

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