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Pamela Flynt Knight : Living In The Fire

Living In The Fire

Pamela Flynt Knight

6 x 9
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    Book Summary

    Pamela Flynt Knight's first authored book is already a hit. Those that have previewed the book have given outstanding reviews, even reading it multiple times and finding new insight with each reading.


    A book conceived twenty years ago, it has taken time to mature. God gave Pam the concept for this book years ago and foundational work was begun at that time. However, years of life, family, and procrastination followed. Although she experienced short bouts of writing, it was just in recent years Pam dedicated herself to finishing and getting this book out. “God showed me that this would not have been the book it should be if I had finished it when it was first begun. I had a lot to experience and maturity in Christ before it could become what it is today.”


    With enough time, heat and pressure, a piece of coal becomes a diamond. Living in the Fire is a comparison of fire, spiritually and physically to show us how God manifests through circumstances in our lives to give us the strength, knowledge, and understanding we need to live out our lives in relationship to Him so we can shine as a diamond of His glory. 

    Author Profile

    Pamela Flynt Knight has always had a heart for people. She has enjoyed a wide range of experiences both personally and professionally in her life and feels it is a blessing, enriching her knowledge. She has discovered that the truth is that our freedom comes through Christ. Her hope is for people to trust in what God has planned for them and recognize their talents and abilities so they can be all God has planned.

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