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Joanne Tisdale : The Downloading of Files into the Human Psyche

The Downloading of Files into the Human Psyche

Joanne Tisdale

6 x 9
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    In a computerized society, it rare that people take the time to analyze their own human thinking process. Computers dominate the business world and can be readily compared to the human brain, which is profitable to the survival of the human species. In the pages of this book, the author takes the time to share the pros and the cons of human thinking, with specific attention given to those “files” that are ingrained in humans from birth to adulthood. It is a fascinating look into how we can re-program our human thinking (wherever it’s needed) in order to survive as an individual, as well seek a thinking process which is vital to the survival of the human race on this planet.

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    Joanne Tisdale is a woman of multi-faceted talents. She has been an avid motivational speaker at workshops regarding teen abstinence/pregnancy, women conferences, to name a few. She has labored to avail herself in the study of drug counseling program(s) so that she will be able to provide adequate counseling in this area and provide support on co-dependency.

    Presently, she is the co-president of Toastmasters, a speaker’s bureau, from whom she has received multiple awards.

    Joanne is a speaker YOU want to HEAR! To hear Joanne is a gift to yourself!

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