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Gregg Moore : White Black and Other - Improving race behavior

White Black and Other

Improving race behavior

Gregg Moore

6 x 9
  • RELIGION - Christian Education Adult

  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Discrimination & Race Relations

  • RELIGION - Christian Education Children & Youth

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    Book Summary

    This book examines human interactions—specifically those that pertain to race—in a variety of different contexts. Exploring modern history, biblical history, and the study of social sciences, the author blends the past with the present in this commentary on the state of race relations in the world today. 

    • The author’s examination of the subject matter embraces both the scientific and humanistic elements, blending the psychological with the societal, historical, and cultural aspects. The author uses stories and statistics to account for both the studied, archived, statistical norm of human interactions, as well as the unpredictable element of unexpected human behavior. 

    • The author includes both scientific and Bible research to support the points that he presents in the manuscript. 

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