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Pamela A. Stovall : Charlotte and the Yellow Dress

Charlotte and the Yellow Dress

Pamela A. Stovall

8.5 x 8.5
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    Book Summary

    Pamela is a native of New York State, presently living in Southeast Texas. She was graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing/Accounting. She later pursued a career in education, teaching all levels from kindergarten to adults. 

    Besides her love of children’s stories, Pamela also has a heart for strengthening marriages and has co-authored the book, Marriage is Not for the Faint of Heart, with her husband, Adrian. Alongside him, she has conducted numerous Christian marriage conferences and seminars in several states across the country. They are currently associate pastors at a non-denominational church in Texas.

    Her newest book was inspired from a childhood memory of a classmate by the same name. Charlotte and the Yellow Dress introduces young Charlotte and her great love for wearing yellow dresses. In an attempt at trying to encourage Charlotte to try a new color, her mother arranges a shopping trip which, to her mother’s dismay, produces another yellow dress. On the ride home from shopping, Charlotte’s mother comes up with what she believes is a fail-proof scheme to get Charlotte to see the color yellow in a different light. The story highlights the loving relationship between Charlotte and her mother.

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