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Mary Kay Slesinger Rich : You're It - How to enjoy a SUCCESSFUL life through creative attitudes

You're It

How to enjoy a SUCCESSFUL life through creative attitudes

Mary Kay Slesinger Rich

6 x 9
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  • SELF-HELP - Personal Growth Success

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    This book is written to inspire you to be the most you can be over the course of your lifetime.  Everyone builds a structure from birth to death.  Within this book, you will be inspired to forgo popularity, and realize it is not nearly as empowering as loving yourself. You will be encouraged to begin to make daily decisions which will lead to enjoying a lifetime which reflects your heart’s desires. 


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    I have my B.A. Degree in Social Work and my M.A. Degree in Human Relations and Psychology from Ohio University.

    I‘ve been an educator and professional scout director, but predominantly a realtor in Ohio. I owned my company for 48 years as one of the earliest women realtors.

    I’ve had 3 wonderful husbands and been widowed 3 times. I am currently blessed with three wonderful children and 8 grandchildren

    As a national, international speaker and motivational leader, I’ve travelled the world, during this time I met my 3rd husband, Paul J. Rich Jr., and it made my travels even better.

    I am now Mary Kay Rich, widow of Paul J Rich Jr., living in Buffalo, NY since 1999. My recent career is film maker and actress for my movie coming out on February 14, 2014, My Dream Beside Me, a story of our love.

    Kay’s Book Insert
    Mary Kay Rich married Paul J. Rich in October, 1999.

    Her previous name was Kay Slesinger.
    To schedule a seminar, workshop, speech or other program write or call 937-307-4138. She resides in Amherst, NY and Miami Beach, FL.

    Currently she has written and acted in the new movie, My Dream Beside Me, Your Love Gives Me Wings.

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