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Elizabeth C. Chapman : Tails of the Gatekeepers

Tails of the Gatekeepers

Elizabeth C. Chapman

6.14 x 9.21

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    Over the years I’ve developed a deep, heartfelt knowledge of why dogs have often been referred to as man’s best friend. Tails of the Gatekeepers is about dogs that are loved as part of the family and, as such, play a natural part in protecting their loved ones. Some stories are from my personal experience, and others are from friends and other wonderful dog owners who have allowed me to share a few of their most memorable dog experiences. Some of the stories are inspirational, a few parts of some stories are sad, many are funny, but all are truthful reflections of people who have had some exceptional dogs, some that have done amazing things. The stories of life with these dogs are wonderful, meaningful, and even witty adventures guaranteed to both entertain and enlighten us so that we may find a new appreciation and respect for our canine gatekeepers.

    Author Profile

    Elizabeth Chapman is an immigrant from Communist Hungary who has, since coming to the United States, resided in Northern California. She is the author of From the Potter’s Hand, her testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life. Elizabeth has owned dogs for more than forty years and greatly appreciates every adventure she has shared with them. She has been married to her husband Erick for forty-two years, has been blessed with three children who are now grown, and five wonderful grandchildren. Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree in family counseling, has studied martial arts and/or street self-defense for twenty years, and is a third degree black belt. One thing is for sure . . . her life is never dull.

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