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The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed by Denise Mountenay

The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed

by Denise Mountenay

Pages: 258

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498401449

Price : $28.99

  After Jesus Christ appeared to Denise Mountenay, with her three aborted children, she knew she had to become a voice, for those who had no voice. Denise shares her personal testimony from a mess to a message, bringing insight into the abortion industry. The author brings compelling eye-witness accounts from other ladies, as well as encouraging women to join her in being silent no more.
This book brings needed education and awareness to the forefront on how abortion damages women’s mental, spiritual and reproductive health. It divulges the latest statistics and research on the Breast Cancer Link, Cervical Damage and other complications, asserting this is not a “safe” procedure.
She candidly shares many adventures in the Kingdom of God, as she follows His lead. It challenges people to be brave and courageous; and will ultimately save women, children and our society. This book is sure to change hearts, minds, laws and history for such a time as this.   

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After an encounter with Jesus Christ, Denise changed her life. She received God’s forgiveness, and with His help overcame addictions to drugs and alcohol.
Since 1987, she has been continuously sharing her passionate testimony and information exposing the lies and rhetoric about legal abortion. She confidently declares how it is damaging women’s mental and reproductive health. Denise has become a resilient voice for her children who had no voice, and with determination continues to run the race set before her to change hearts, minds, laws and history for such a time as this.
Denise has appeared as a guest on many radio and television programs shedding light on the truth, as well as revealing the mountain of studies proving legal abortion is not a “safe” procedure for women. The CBC, The National aired a documentary on her work in 2005. 
She is the Founder/President of Canada Silent No More, a non-profit association of former abortion patients devastated after abortion, and who are speaking out. They are also collecting testimonies from women hurt by abortion; as well as ministering to the broken hearted.
Since 2006, Denise has been bringing teams to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Geneva and the World Health Organization to meet with UN Ambassadors, Ministers of Health and Delegates bringing insight and education on the humanity of children in the womb.
In 2012 she was presented The Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Governor General of Canada for her contributions to pro-life work. She is in the “Hush” documentary; and hopes to make a movie one day.
Denise is married to Paul, and they have a miracle son, Shawn; the greatest blessing of all. For more information go to:

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