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Timeless Wisdom by Carolyn Denise Owens

Timeless Wisdom

Lessons from Our Ancestors

by Carolyn Denise Owens

Pages: 106

Dimensions: 5.83 x 8.27

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Parenting - Grandparenting

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498412384

Price : $11.99

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I was born in small, quaint Warren, AR in 1965, so I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s during a time when older people frequently recited parables, quotes and adages to make a point. In the process they motivated you to think. Some of the sayings would rhyme and some were just simple wisdom truths. Not only would the stories or words sound good, but they offered good and sound advice that was applicable to everyday life. Everyone has one of those I remember when my, “Grandfather or Grandmother would say…” stories. Hopefully this book will spark one of those memories for each and every reader, whether that memory was left by a grandparent, parent, teacher, preacher, other relative or friend.
CAROLYN DENISE OWENS, a down home, country girl next door type of lady that has always had a genuine passion for reading and writing since childhood. One who loves living in the South and the wisdom, charm and character of Southern living.

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