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Nuiloha by Yvonne Lee McIntire


A Pineapple Plantation Story

by Yvonne Lee McIntire

Pages: 324

Dimensions: 5.25 x 8

  • FICTION - Romance - Contemporary
  • FICTION - Romance - Historical - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498413367

Price : $17.99

She is the daughter of a field overseer and union leader in
a pineapple plantation on Oahu, Hawaii; he is the son of the chief stockholder
of the corporation that owns the plantation.  However, their differing socio-economic backgrounds aren't
enough to quell the love developing between Eden Andres and Ben Alexander in
Yvonne McIntire's newest Christian romance novel, Nuiloha.  Returning home to Oahu after two years
in culinary school on neighboring island Maui, Eden was looking forward to the
summer break, a time to earn some money at a summer job and to relax with her
family.  Her plans are changed when
she meets Ben and romance blooms between them --to the concern of her family
and others who care for her, who see Ben as “out of her league.”  As their relationship deepens, Eden
discovers that Ben is conflicted by a past commitment he feels obligated to
fulfill, creating a dilemma that will teach them both that forgiveness and
redemption are possible for those who love God.

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