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Professor Eli & The Bible Bunch by Authors Cornelius L. Barker, MA. Claudette J. Searchwell, MA. Edited by Christina C. Polyc

Professor Eli & The Bible Bunch

A Reference Guide of Biblical Facts and Spiritual Knowledge

by Authors Cornelius L. Barker, MA. Claudette J. Searchwell, MA. Edited by Christina C. Polyc

Pages: 288

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

  • RELIGION - Christian Education - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498413855

Price : $29.99

Wisdom teaches us that there are few constants in the world. Life reveals itself to be a series of changes, both voluntary and involuntary, to which we must adjust-and then move forward.
In contrast to what we have learned about life, the Holy Bible stands as God’s unchanging word, as written in HEBREWS 13:8
Professor Eli and the Bible Bunch...allows the reader to explore and enjoy the bible from a unique perspective. It makes it possible for the reader to move the Bible off the bookself and the nightstand and bring it into the family room, the kitchen or even onto the patio-wherever lovers of the Word play out their lives.
This biblical illustrated reference guide is designed to assist you in your spiritual journey of growing strong in the Word. The journey can be difficult without the correct references tools, guidance and support.
Each section of Professor Eli and the Bible the seeker of the Word something to which they can relate. There is something for those at every stage of their Bible walk...from the newly initiated, to the biblical scholar.
It is written for the believers and the doubters, for the saved as well as for the undecided, for the dispirited seeking solace and for the redeemed seeking confirmation.
There is a special feature included in this guide. Pages entiled: “Things To Remember” are provided in select sections in order to facilitate note taking. Additional pages for recording notes are included at the back of the guide. Note-taking provides an opportunity for the user to personalize their biblical and spiritual walk as they use this valauble tool.
You will not learn about everything contained in the Bible by reading this guide. However, you will remember what you have read and be better equipped to further your Christian walk as a result of the creative, satisfying, and fun experience you had while on your journey!
Welcome to a unique Bible study experience!

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