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Mystery Communion by Donald C. DeJesus Sr.

Mystery Communion

10,000 Seeds of Internal Everlasting Life

by Donald C. DeJesus Sr.

Pages: 300

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • RELIGION - Spirituality
  • PSYCHOLOGY - General
  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Healing

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498414500

Price : $23.99

My name is Donald DeJesus Sr. My spiritual journey began 23 years
ago on April 1st, 1992. I was born again and quit smoking marijuana and started
studying bible. I Graduated International Seminary in 2006, became ordained and
did all I can for my community and church from being youth pastor to
shepherding. Over the years I did funerals, marriages, counseling, bible study
classes, preached in many churches and homeless shelters, street and public
witnessing and had a bible study group in my home over seven years. I designed
book to be interactive with God in you and total One body around you (John
15:1-16, Eph 4:3-6).
My life traumatically changed when my 1st born son died
at 19 years old of alcohol overdose on May 10, 2009. Six months later I got
laid-off on Jan 12, 2010, separated 1st time from ex-wife Feb 1st
2010 and smoked Marijuana again in March of 2010. I was depressed and didn’t
want to be on pills for this Godly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I would have
never smoked if my son didn’t die. I got back with my ex-wife and was hiding I
was smoking. On 11-2010; I took my ex-wife and step-son to pastor and admitted
I been smoking the last 7 months. I stepped down from all leadership in Church.
I was silently rejected by my friends and family from smoking marijuana against
Law? I was viewed a criminal on (Medical) Marijuana without a prescription. My
wife never smoked or drank her whole life; strongly opposed to marijuana we
divorced in July of 2012; I was a enemy to Church and family on Medical
Marijuana for my son dying? How do you feel about marijuana in Church going
legal in next few years?
I received $40,000 from insurance money of my sons death and
devoted last 3 years to compiling my 23 years of notes to write about Medical
Marijuana in Bible? Today over 1 million are on Medical Marijuana in USA and
over 25 Million Qualify? My Question is how is this going to effect the church
as marijuana is legal everywhere? This 1st book of 10 Volumes of 10000
seeds is 1st steps to Global Church Reform with legalization of
Cannabis Oils & Medical marijuana within One body of Christ (Exod 19:9, Mai
1:11, Eph 4:4-6, Jam 5:14). I write about many mysteries? This 1st
Volume of 1000 seeds is fresh revelations in seed paragraphs with 1000s of
scriptures & questions to dig deeper. I designed book for personal study
and group study with questions that make your mind and home groups come alive.
This is a great tool for all disciples of faith to witness to the cannabis
community around world.
This may be hard to believe? Have you considered the Bible's last
days prophecies to be all about the global legalization of Marijuana? Here’s 10
scriptures in hidden code of Gods prophesied healing to nations.
1. Tree of Knowledge of Good And Evil…Gen 3:22 
2. Moses; I will come upon you in a Thick Cloud; tell the people
what I tell you…Exod 19:9 
3. I will raise up plant of Renown; removes Hunger and shame…Exod
4. Four winds Rise a One Army of the Lord by Breath…Ezek 37:9 
5. We will turn our swords to plows and train for war no
more…Isaiah 2:4 
6. Incense rises to All Nations for 1000 Year Revival…Mai 1:11,
Rev 20:1-7 
7. I will give hidden manna to him who overcomes…Rev 2:17 
8. Leafs heal Nations and breaks every curse…Rev 22:2-3 
9. The fullness and favor of him who dwells in the Burning Bush be
upon you…Duet 33:16 
10. Voice came from in the clouds saying; this is my beloved son,
hear him…Luke 9:35
Let your healing begin~

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