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Reconcilable Differences by Tami Pflum

Reconcilable Differences

The True Story of Tom and Jolene Young

by Tami Pflum

Pages: 290

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Love & Marriage
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498420211

Price : $16.99


“I don’t care where you and the girls move,
just as long as it’s not next door to me.”
The heartless words of her husband sliced into Jolene’s heart like a dagger.
What did he mean?
Where would she go?
After enduring a troubled marriage for five difficult years, Tom and Jolene’s relationship had been further devastated by his infidelity. Now his plans to separate left her wondering if there was any way Jesus could still bring beauty from the ashes of their relationship…or if their marriage was too far gone.
If your own “happily ever after” has come to a screeching halt, do not give up hope. Take courage in knowing the ending has not yet been written! In this true account of Tom and Jolene Young, you will witness the life-changing power of Christ as He restores and redeems the broken places in their hearts and marriage.

Author Photo

TAMI PFLUM lives in Quincy, Illinois with her husband, Keith, and three children, as well as her aging parents, two cats, one horse and a fish. A busy homeschool mom and Juice Plus+ Sales Coordinator, Tami serves as primary caregiver for her father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Passionate from a young age about writing, she and an older sister penned several plays during their elementary years, performing them for adoring nieces and nephews during family get-togethers. Being asked to write this book of redemption and restoration is a story in itself, as shared in the acknowledgments.  Although complete strangers prior to this book project, the Pflum and Young families have become close friends and look forward to annual getaways together.

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