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(And my answers to other hard questions)

by James R. Delk

Pages: 180

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - General
  • SCIENCE - Life Sciences - Evolution
  • PHILOSOPHY - Religious

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498420860

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Jim Delk has been active in Southern Baptist churches, where he served as a deacon and teacher, and in an ARP Presbyterian church, where he currently serves as an elder and teacher. For over forty years Jim’s greatest joy has been teaching scripture; he has led Bible study classes, ranging from a college and career class to his current position as the leader of the senior members Bible study in his home church. Jim’s open style of teaching the Bible leads to many questions regarding the unanswered concerns of the participants.
Many of the questions asked are not easy to respond to and require a search for various clues written throughout the Scripture. Some of the questions such as “What must I do to be saved?” seem easy, but it is amazing how many different responses are given by various denominations and individual beliefs. Another question, “Can I lose my salvation?” is an even more common question that can destroy the effectiveness of the believer. In God, Creation and the Dinosaurs, you’ll explore Delk’s many intelligent views on the nature of God, morality, evolution and family in an engaging narrative. Answers to your queries concerning the hereafter and the now will be answered in a digestible manner, as Delk demystifies the nature of sin, God, and many more intriguing Christian subjects.
Most believers ponder the eternal question, “Where do I go when I die?” or a variation, “What happens at the time of death?” The answers to these questions are embedded in the Scripture, and can be revealed through careful study and prayer. Jim has presented his understanding to the reader as reassuring guidance with compelling arguments, logical data and first-hand personal experience.
To some people the discovery of million-year old fossils makes it impossible to defend the account of creation recorded in Genesis as written by Moses. As this breech widens between the adherents of “Creationism,” ”Evolutionism”, and scientific discovery, the Christian finds it more and more difficult to defend his beliefs.  Yet, the answers to difficult questions such as this one are spread throughout the scripture, revealing the power of God, who is not bound by the laws and limitations of those He created.

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