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GET UP! by Pastor Steven Ray Bragg


God Is Not Finished With You!

by Pastor Steven Ray Bragg

Pages: 218

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Missions

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498427968

Price : $15.49

Winner of the Christian Author Award
Praise for Get Up! God
is Not Finished with You!
"I believe it is a good time for such a message. For
some it may spell all the difference between hope and despair. There are those
who speak easily of stumbling and recovery and others who sternly bar the door
against the recovery of full fellowship, complete trust and a genuine new
beginning. … Who can tell the power of the cross better than one who has been
driven there because they had nowhere else to go? Who can tell of homecoming
and the kindness shown by the Father to the returning son? It's time they came
home!" -Brian Thompson - Friend and Minister, UK
Steve Bragg’s book, Get Up! God is Not
Finished with You! tells the miraculous and inspiring story of his journey
from model Christian pastor, to a fallen and rebellious sinner, back to a
redeemed and restored minister who’s still a recovering work in progress.
Though author Steven Bragg admits
he is no Saul/Apostle Paul, he relates to Paul’s rebellion from God and the
Christian faith. Falling further and further from his faith and teachings,
Bragg fulfilled the desires of his flesh when it came to turning away from God
and toward drugs and alcohol.
He refers to himself as a possible
“close second to the ‘Public Sinner Number One’.” The message he hopes to share
by telling his story is that even though he was a great sinner, backslider, and
reprobate, through his redemption and God’s tremendous grace, something substantial
and unique happened with his life.
Bragg says that
God ultimately pulled him from living a life in sin and saved him out of his
rebellion, thus restoring him completely to his ministry, now stationed in the
Philippines. He hopes to encourage others who may be in the same struggle he
once found himself. Bragg believes whole-heartedly that it is none other than
the Lord God Almighty, through the power of the Holy Spirit who loves, rescues,
and restores us from our fall.

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